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After you have seen the doctor, we can then discuss the appropriate Health Canada Licensed Producers, & correct product & services for your individual medical conditions.

The Government of Canada currently recognizes medicinal Cannabis as a valid treatment for the following conditions:

 ◦ Alzheimer’s & Dementia

 ◦ Anxiety

 ◦ Arthritis

 ◦ Asthma

 ◦ Cancer pain

 ◦ Chronic & Acute pain

 ◦ Depression

 ◦ Diseases of the Pancreas

 ◦ Epilepsy

 ◦ Glaucoma

 ◦ Headaches & Migraines

 ◦ Huntington’s disease

 ◦ Hypertension

 ◦ Inflammation

 ◦ Insomnia

 ◦ Irritable bowel syndrome

 ◦ Liver diseases

 ◦ MS & Spinal cord injury

 ◦ Nausea

 ◦ Neuropathic pain

 ◦ Palliative care

 ◦ Parkinson’s disease

 ◦ P.T.S.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you help me get a Medicinal Cannabis Medical Document?

    Yes we connect you with a licensed medical Doctor that can issue the correct medical documents.

  • Is Medicinal Cannabis a Medical Expense?

    Yes, Medicinal Cannabis is a permitted Medical Expense under the Canada Revenue Agency and qualifies

    for the medical tax credit, (some restrictions may apply).

  • When do I need to follow up with the doctor?

    The Doctor that signs your medical documents is able to set the length of validity at any point within one year.

    After this time, you will need to get your medical documents renewed.

  • What documentation do I need so I can carry Medicinal Cannabis within Canada?

    Proof that you have Medical Cannabis documentation can be the label on the packaging or a separate document

    that accompanies your shipment. Make sure you carry documentation with you at all times.

  • Can I travel abroad with my Medicinal Cannabis?


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