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SAT is short for Semi Automatic Trading.

The SAT System developed by Currency Connect Trading Inc. is a rules based, code activated system, built upon the mathematical retracement's that occur during the typical maturation of trends.

The SAT System is a purely technical approach to trading, which avoids wasting time trying to make sense of the constant never ending stream of conflicting financial news.

The mathematics that run in the background, using our Customized Templates & Triggers, calculate the correct entry points to enter into trades. This is done automatically. All you have to do is to activate the SAT System Triggers manually, hence Semi Automatic Trading (full details in the FREE in the Members Area).

This takes a few minutes each day. You can then easily monitor the progress of your trades via your smart phone or tablet, as well as your computer.

We have identified three trading opportunities that occur during the maturation of a typical trend. The Yellow, White & Red target zones.

Watch our overview videos to get a basic understanding of the Currency Connect SAT System.


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