SAT System

The Currency Connect SAT System

Master the ability of taking consistently positive trades based upon a purely technical

approach to trading using one of the easiest trading programs you can learn.


The four main categories that we can trade are:

FOREX (Curriencies), Stocks, Commodities & Indices.


By using the Currency Connect customized chart templates & automatic triggers we have identified 3 Target Zones that occur during the typical maturation of a trend on the one hour charts. The Yellow, White & Red targets.

After you receive a SAT System Alert via e-mail, you will check your charts visually on the trading station using our Customized Templates, & confirm that the Green, Yellow & Blue lines have separated. When they do, you will  Activate the SAT Triggers, or place trades manually.

A BUY or SELL trade will automatically execute when the Yellow, White, & Red targets have been hit.


Full details available in the Members Area

Keep track of trades from your mobile device, Apple or Android